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Agip 20w-50 Special Mineral Motor Oil
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Suitable for Pre 1980's 4T Machines, Ducati Bevel Engines etc

Available in
1 Ltr Bottle

eni i-Ride Special 20W-50 is a lubricant formulated with high mineral quality base oils, developed for 4-stroke bike and scooter engines of new generation. It satisfies the demand of both on road and off road operation, and is suitable for the most severe and varied operating conditions, such as high temperatures motorway driving or low temperatures stop and go.


The good detergent and dispersant properties of eni i-Ride Special 20W-50 effectively minimize formation of lacquer, varnish, sludge and other engine deposits. Hence, it helps preventing ring sticking and keeps pistons clean, while maintaining potential deposits in suspension.

Its anti-wear properties ensure long life for all moving parts, reducing of engine servicing and overhauls.

eni i-Ride Special 20W-50 is very resistant to deterioration, especially that caused by oxidation resulting from prolonged exposure at high-temperatures in the presence of air and other agents.



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