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Agip (eni) Performance Brake Fluid - Dot 4
1 LTR Bottle

Available in
1 Ltr Bottle

Classic Proven Formula

Recommended For All Motorcycles and Automotive use: Ford, Holden, Alfa, Ferrari, Toyota, Mercedes, Aprilia, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, SYM, Piaggio, Kymco, Ducati, Cagiva

eni Brake Fluid DOT 4
is a yellow-coloured liquid, expressly formulated for use in all disc and drum brake systems and in clutch control systems.
It is also specifically suitable for those cases where
the brake system is subject to very severe operating
conditions such as cars pulling caravans, commercial vehicles, etc


With its high boiling point,
Agip/eni Brake Fluid DOT 4
can be used for full safety conditions, even in case
of prolonged braking actions that overheat the braking system to particularly high temperatures, such
as in disc brakes, avoiding the risk of ‘vapour locks’ inside the circuit.

The viscosity characteristics of the product have been
adjusted for making it suitable for use at cold
ambient temperatures.

It is not corrosive to the metals used in brake circuits, including cadmium and zinc.

It has good lubricating
and anti-wear properties.

It is compatible with rubber components and
so prevents damage to gaskets and seals.

It is chemically stable even at high temperatures.

eni Brake Fluid DOT 4
meets the requirements of
the following specifications:
FMVSS 116 (DOT 4)
ISO 4925 (class 4)
SAE J 1704

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