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Agip Racing Synthetic 2T Go - Kart Castor Forumla Engine Oil
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Agip Racing Kart Top Synthetic 2T 1 Ltr ☆☆☆☆☆

*this product is designed for professional race use only

Available in
1 Ltr Bottle

eni KART 2T is a racing lubricant, based upon a blend of synthetic basestocks, castor oil, castor oil and a particularly tailored additive system, expressly formulated for two stroke kart engines either water or air cooled that run at very high rpm.

The special formulation of eni KART 2T ensures superior protection from seizure even for those engines running at extreme high revs.

The synthetic basestocks provide also engine cleanliness and antiwear protection which is demanded by high thermal and mechanical loads typical of racing applications.

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